Paint the Pavement Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has been chosen to be the next 2017 Paint the Pavement City! This event promotes public safety and encourages community building through murals painted on dangerous intersections. Recruiting neighborhoods from all over Pittsburgh, Paint the Pavement wanted to reach out to creative expressionists, concerned citizens and excited community leaders! For this project, I had to create a visual identity system for this citywide initiative, while keeping the application form condensed and easy to read to make for a quick application process. 

Application Form

The Approach

I started by framing the application as an all-inclusive event package that was to be sent to community leaders. Setting the target audience as a community leader helped to alleviate some of the logistical challenges that came up with organizing such a large community event. The mailer invited the leader to act as a host for bringing Paint the Pavement into the communities of Pittsburgh .

The visual identity formed out of the icons that represented a healthy & happy community. The style of the initiatives remained consistent for easy recognition of the event. Keeping with the spirit of the event, I wanted to create something hand drawn and approachable to lower the artistic barrier for the leaders to participate. Going with the friendly look of the brand, I began experimenting with the logo using paint to see shapes and forms emerge. The pattern that emerged was incorporated as the style for the rest of the application form. 

The information in the application was organized to be condensed and easier to for the host to navigate. All the content was framed so that the host could throw the event without any confusion. For example, a rip out calendar and checklist was added for easy access to important dates and deadlines. To complete the event package, invitations were included for the host to hand out to recruit volunteers from the community to come and participate in Paint the Pavement. 


Final Poster


Final Icons & PATTERNS