2018: Research Synthesis, UX Design, Visual Design, Animation

How might a music service increase engagement with the cultural arts in a way that is approachable, and fosters personal relevance to audiences? Spectacle is a service that curates personalized package experiences centered around a cultural music event. It offers a package dining and entertainment selecction paired with a main music event. Beyond just convenience, spectacle is a service that encourages a lasting relationship between the audience and cultural arts institutions within the community to provide feedback and dialogue to help sustain arts institutions.  


Pop Up

As the first touchpoint for Spectacle, potential users would encounter Spectacle's pop-up tent at local community festivals. Here, they would get a preview of a tailored evening-long experience that mirrors what they would experience. This interactive experience aims to catch the attention of viewers by exposing potential experiences. 



The primary experience of spectacle comes alive through the web app. Rather than requiring  users to commit by downloading an app, we created a progressive web app. The user engages in a quiz to narrow down the kind of experience they would want. Spectacle would go through the data base of participating organizations to customize an experience package. Users can choose to reveal portions of their package or keep it a mystery before committing to purchase. To be transparent about the process of matching, Spectacle provides a short summary about the particular events and why it was a match with he users. Of three, users may reveal up to two to maintain the excitement of mystery. 



To cater to different scenarios where Spectacle could be used, a physical invitation that mimics the online experience was created. The custom QR code built on the web app is translated to a physical invitation to continue the experience off line. As the app builds the experience, a code that acts as a singular ticket and payment method connects the user seamlessly to each aspect of their experience. Front-of-house staff at each venue and restaurant scan the code with their version of the Spectacle app.


Spectacle Experience



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