Medical Population with Polly

2018: User Research, UX Design, Visual Design, Prototyping

For any patient, understanding symptoms, diagnosis and prescription at the doctor’s office is critical to their health and wellbeing. Inaccuracies in medical translation can lead to misinformed, dangerous decisions about a patient's health. Oftentimes, patients and health care professionals often ask unqualified bilingual caretakers to step up as temporary or "ad hoc" translators in the place of professionals, due to logistical limitations or discomfort. POLLY is a service that facilitates communication between Low English Proficiency (LEP) patients and their doctors by providing interpretation training and resources.

Mobile App 

Pocket Course

The Pocket Course aimed to provide users with an introduction to more professionalized training to bring attention to common errors and recommended best practices in medical translation. We also considered its use as a entry point to the mobile app through its placement in commonly visited healthcare spaces.  We reached out to professional translators to get a sense of their training and qualifications to help build out the “crash course” part of our project. Ultimately, following their guidelines and through additional research, we developed the language for our crash course in 4 languages that we were capable of scaling to. 


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