Lower 9+10

2016:  Visual Design, Illustration

The Lower 9+10 is a visual narrative of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Taking the viewers on a "walking tour" of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, this handmade book combines the voice of the people who faced this disaster with the objects of things that remind them of what was old. This book is composed of content from the podcast This American Life, episode: "The Lower 9 + 10" 

I knew the Lower 9+10 would be a visual narrative pretty early on in the project. As I listened to the podcast, I was visualizing their stories in my mind. The visual cues I took from the podcast had to do with the voices of the survirors. With their voices breaking and cracking, it led to the deconstruction of type. With that, I connected the illustrations through string to show how physical objects still had a hold of how the survivors lived their life ten years after the storm. While a couple of illustration styles had been tried, I decided to present their stories in a simple black and white palette with only their voices pushing the revelation of their stories. Meant to be opened up in all directions, the book ended up being 35 feet long with the illustrations on one side and the script on the other. The string connecting through the entirety of the book represents the resilience of memories.