Can Windows Save the PLanet

Problem Space

In this project, our client Tim Carryer, president of GreenOverGreen (a company that aims for higher levels of energy efficiency for citizens of Pennsylvania state) requested that we approach the oversaturated advertisements of energy efficiency in a new way. His main concern was raising awareness about the Home Energy Score (HES), a US Department of Energy backed plan, that aspired to  help people understand the energy efficiency of their homes.  

Do people know that the interests of Energy Efficiency advocates and Window companies have been at odds? Energy Efficiency advocates believe that Window Companies have used deceitful marketing strategies and spread inaccurate information in the name of green living but more for selfish gain. While changing windows may seem like a permanent fix, theres a lot more information that isn't shared. 

The approach

In this project, I approached the idea of spreading awareness about the truths about energy efficiency with an unbiased, educational voice.I decided on a Ted-Ed inspired video, that shared the information in a clear yet delightful way.  With heavy focus on storytelling and animation, I was inspired by the Ted-Ed philosophy of curating educational videos about lessons worth sharing." I thought that this kind of video would be a more subtle way to share information and knowledge and hopefully expose more people to the possibility of change. I chose the title to be something that could be discussed and considered from both sides rather than present facts and information.