Convinient Needs

is a cultural probe designed to provide insights in doing generative research about people's grocery shopping habits. Through this project, my partners, Deborah Lee and Christie Chong and I defined our question around the role of convenience in grocery shopping. The probe was created to investigate our question further. 

Our probe consisted of five parts :

  • A map that would mark where the subject lived in relation to where they pick up their groceries
  • A wish list that would ask the user for a series of food items they would purchase without the limitations of proximity and price
  • A survey that inquired about foods in different quantities and the calendar maps out an estimate of when the subject tends to go grocery shopping 
  • A card of a refrigerator that prompted the user to email one of us with a photo of before and after their purchases to quantify the actual grocery trip
  • A hand-drawn bag, a thank you message, and a parcel of food items to serve as incentives to encourage and thank our participants 

We aimed to inspire delight with the probe to truly encourage our participants to take their time and curate thoughtful responses.